Mass Faxing Campaign Service:
KanHan offers concurrent faxing service over multiple phone lines for customers that require high volume high throughput faxing campaign needs.
KanHan’s mass faxing service is a cost effective way to reach thousands of your customers that you have worked hard to establish. Building repeat

business with them is an important part of your business. You need to connect and build an ongoing relationship with them. Whether it is new products, new offers, press releases or special promotions, KanHan's mass faxing service can deliver your message.


Mail Merge function allows users to personalize their greetings of each fax message to be sent out. Our system can do that automatically in a flash that would otherwise take hours to complete if it were done one by one
- Faxing over multiple phone lines at the same time would reduce the overall transmission time significantly. Our mass faxing service starts with 3 lines and customers can choose to add more lines in order to further speed up their campaign’s need.
In order to maximize the number of faxes that reach the targets, the system will retry every 5 minutes for 6 times before it declares an “undeliverable” fax.

The system stores and maintains a list of phone books for different campaign’s needs. Also, customers can choose to take out phone numbers that have been marked “Undeliverable” previously before they start another campaign.